There is a very simple way to explain why New Edge Productions can help you:

New Edge Productions has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business.


New Edge Productions has worked with various bands in all different positions.

Whether you’re looking to get the world’s attention or just make enough money to keep making music, here at New Edge Productions Music Management we are ready and waiting to help you carry out your dreams. New Edge Productions Music Management can help your group get better shows, sell out your shows, and make more money—but that’s just the beginning!

Not sure how to get shows in other cities? New Edge Productions can help book you in cities outside of your own. Unsure of how to improve your live shows? We know the tips and tricks that can turn your band from cardboard cut-outs propped in front of microphones to full-on stars in front of a crowd. And let’s not forget about the importance of expanding your fan base; we can help you reach out to new potential fans as well as strengthen your band’s bond with your fans to convert them into die-hard followers of your music.